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Twilight Haters, Avert Your Eyes

For the record, I have never watched Twilight. I don't really plan to either. Why? Because I think I'd be disappointed. And I heard it was less than stellar and I don't know if I could watch the whole thing in one sitting. If it comes on TV... maybe.

Also, New Moon is my least favorite of the series. So i definitely wasn't planning on seeing the sequel.

Then I hear this: Dakota Fanning is playing Jane.

Can I just squeal right now?

I heard the rumor that they were hoping to cast her but I didn't know it was confirmed until a few minutes ago.

And seriously, she's perfect for the role. And she's Dakota Fanning! Have you seen The Secret Life of Bees and Coraline? Cuz I have.

So yeah, I think I might actually see it. The only problem is Jane'll probably only be in the last 15 minutes of the movie. I'll think about it.