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So This Week's FMA Was Pretty Fantastic

Let the chapter 93 commentary begin!

  • What the hell? Yoki actually did something useful?
  • So Kimbley's dead (or might as well be). Man, Pride is even creepier that I thought. (Love pg 12 though)
  • YAY! Olivia's alive!!!!11!
  • And so is Alex!!! (And did she just show some concern for him?)
  • Sloth looks kind of screwed though
  • Those government dudes are assholes though. They just pointed the gun on their saviors! Seriously, where's the gratitude?
  • Then Olivia explains that the government has ordered she be executed
  • So Alex is like, "What? That's impossible!" And just when you think it sweet brotherly devotion, he says...
  • "The estate doesn't go to me if you die! The paperwork isn't finished!!!!" (Cue the sparkles!)
  • And she's like, "Yeah, about that, the estate goes to Mustang. I still hate him but I'd favor him over you."
  • Then those killing machines show up which would normally be bad news except now it gives the Armstrongs a chance to save themselves
  • Although how did they get out? I thought Ed sealed the exit. I'm definitely missing something.
  • Wait- wait, wait, wait! Did Sloth just regrow his hand? Why am i just noticing this now? :O
  • Then to Ed, Scar and the rest who are close to losing...
  • So Mustang shows up!
  • He starts to reminisce about Riza's tears so she mentions that water=usless then he's like "Useless... !!! Scar!"
  • Then Scars like "LATER!"
  • And Mustang goes "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!!! D:<"
  • Except everyone ignores him
  • Riza gets ready to shoot these mofos with her mad shooting skills except Ed's says guns don't work on them
  • So Riza's like "Again? Damn it! Guns are never effective against supernatural beings!"
  • Ed shouts for Mustang to help already
  • So he takes them all out in one shot by going for their legs
  • It was so easy that he rubs Ed's nose in it.
  • Then Envy comes along and tries to turn Scar against Mustang except they both teamed up to take care of him first
  • But then Mustang says, "Who killed Maes Hughes?" And everyone goes silent and I'm like omfg finally!
  • Envy's like "I confess! >:D"
  • Mustang: "No way, you're too much of an idiot"
  • Then Envy transforms into Gracia and Ed & Mustang do the "No way, NO F*CKING WAY!!!" face
  • "You killed Hughes. That's all I need to know." Riza's face when he says that! Gah!
  • Then Mustang's face when he says "There's no need to say anything more, Envy." So much hate! It pretty much promises that the next chapter will be just as, if not more, epic.