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A Found Poem

According to my teacher, a found poem is when you take something like a novel, speech or article and put in lines so it resembles a poem. The main rule is that is can't be another poem or a song. You can take away as many words as you want but you shouldn't add in too many. And of course you need to credit your source.

Now that my intro is done, here's my poem.


Hyper-soccer ball
Or hyper doughnut
Un-image-able images
gathered by satellites

The Mission:
     measure the “ripples”
emanating from
     the “big bang”,
              the primordial “explosion” that occurred everywhere
     And nowhere,
         Creating space and time


A crude system
Of grunts and whistles
Trying to describe it all

(Found in the NY Times article “Tongue-Tied by Physics: The Ineffable Lightness of Being”)